Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two new discoveries

On Saturday evening, my cousin Karla suggested we eat at one of her favorite restaurants in the Sunset, Assab. It's an Eritrean restaurant, which I was excited about because I haven't been to one yet. I've been to a couple Ethiopian restaurants in Berkeley, all of which were dark and dingy for some reason. Still not sure what the differences are between Ethiopian and Eritrean food (I know, ignorant, right?) but I do know that they both serve honey wine, which I'm a big fan of. We ordered 4 different dishes that were served on a huge platter with injera, that yummy spongy tortilla-esque bread. It didn't take long for four of us to clean up that platter!

On Sunday morning, Aaron and I went to check out Patio Coffee Shop in San Mateo, on 25th Avenue. It's a charming little breakfast/brunch spot that I know I'll be returning to. I'm particularly looking forward to trying their blueberry pancakes next time.

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