Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vik's Chaat Corner, Berkeley

This has to be my favorite Indian restaurant.

Dahi Batata Puri. I LOVE yogurt in my food so this is my favorite dish. It comes packed with potatoes and garbanzo beans. Oh and let's not forget the tamarind!


Bhatura Cholle. This big puff is just a bigger version of the small puffs you find in Dahi Batata Puri but without all the toppings. This is a must if its your first time. Its texture is almost like that of a soft lumpia wrapper cooked in corn oil.


This one, I forgot what its called but its very potatoe-ish.


Here's the same dish but sliced in half...mmm, potatoe goodness.


The name of this dish also alludes me.


blu0ni0n rating: 5 onions


Foster City Arts and Wine Festival

A couple of weekends ago, we checked out the Arts and Wine Festival in Foster City. Decents eats and the following were probably the two most interesting items:

Fried Mushrooms. A delight for you mushroom lovers out there. Simple and tasty. Twas served with a side of ranch.


Donut Sundaes. Get some if you can find some in your area! Unfortunately there was no ice cream served with this dessert--it actually didn't need any as the toppings took care of the sweets. For all you folks who are tired of eating funnel cakes, this makes for a good alternative. It's pretty much donuts holes with sundae toppings. The owner of this stand told us that the machine that was used to make the donuts was shipped all the way from France. Once again, the French have done it again.


blue0ni0n rating: 4 onions


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


When Katrina and I visited the Philippines in '06, we took a trip with our class to Intramuros, also known as the "Walled City". Just the other day, we ate at the new Intramuros Restaurant in South San Francisco for Katrina's Uncle's 75th Birthday.

I'm not that big on Pilipino Cuisine when it comes to dining out so I have an unrelenting bias towards restaurants that serve anything Pilipino--mainly because I grew up surrounded by family who could whip up a quick Pilipino meal with their eyes closed swimming in a tank of sharks and yes, sea monkeys. As with every Pilipino restaurant out there, Intramuros does not differ. I have yet to be truly wowed.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

"Bangus Belly". I accidentally ate fish bones and I nearly choked.


"Pancit Bami (Visayan Pancit)". It really should just be called Pancit. Nothing special about this dish except that you're paying for the plating which is not much of a plate either.


BBQ? I don't know, I don't eat meat anymore.


Mango Cake. Not sure if its on the menu, but if you want to cop one, it'll probably have to be your birthday. This was probably my favorite dish.


After pondering long and hard, I still don't know how the hell that place looks like the original Intramuros. I don't know, maybe it has art stuff with architecture? artitecture?

This is a picture of their new "Veranda", where our dinner party was held.


I give it 3 blue onions.


Valentine's Day Breakfast

I like spoiling my girlfriend with riches. And by riches, I mean unecessary calories. Look what I made her on the morning of V-Day this year.


Best boyfriend ever.

Do you like cheap and delicious eats? Well don't go to Spenger's Fish Grotto. You're practically paying for the ambiance and let me tell you, if you aren't into that nautical shit, then you're better off at Long John Silver's.

This is what fancy plating can do for a restaurant:


Don't let the picture fool you--they used actual motoroil to season this salad that Katrina had.

This here was probably the best dish, Lobster Raviol:


And finally, this is the Ahi Tuna that I ordered. First off, what the flying f***?!. If I wanted Sushi, I'd run across the street and get something that's near decent.


blue0ni0n opinion: this restaraunt can suck on my fish balls.


Eritrean's Transform!

If Optimus Prime was somehow Eritrean, that is what he would have said after eating some of SF's best (and rare) Eritrean restaruant.

MmmMm...I'll let the pictures do that talking:


So just like our previous post, this was near Assab. This Eritrean joint was cleverly named "New Eritrean Restaurant".  I don't think you can ever go wrong with Eritrean, though I want to warn you: if you hate sour bread, this isn't for you.