Sunday, June 14, 2009

Foster City Arts and Wine Festival

A couple of weekends ago, we checked out the Arts and Wine Festival in Foster City. Decents eats and the following were probably the two most interesting items:

Fried Mushrooms. A delight for you mushroom lovers out there. Simple and tasty. Twas served with a side of ranch.


Donut Sundaes. Get some if you can find some in your area! Unfortunately there was no ice cream served with this dessert--it actually didn't need any as the toppings took care of the sweets. For all you folks who are tired of eating funnel cakes, this makes for a good alternative. It's pretty much donuts holes with sundae toppings. The owner of this stand told us that the machine that was used to make the donuts was shipped all the way from France. Once again, the French have done it again.


blue0ni0n rating: 4 onions


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